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Local Artists & Necklaces on ETSY

26 May

Some great pendant necklaces by three local designers, all featured on ETSY…

Savage Garden Pendant, $128 by IACUA

Keepsake Ball Lockets Lariat Necklace,$25 by SORADESIGNS

Whistle Necklace, $26 at SORADESIGNS

Coral Branch Necklace, $450 by IACUA

Real Working Spyglass Telescope Necklace, $35 by BRASHLADYINC

Compass Necklace, $45 by BRASHLADYINC

Glorious Shoes!

21 May

Black & Milk Heels by Marc by Marc Jacobs

I recently purchased these and I could use some 2c on whether I should keep them. Here are my pros and cons:


*They are gorgeous
*The are comfortable
*They pair perfectly with my wardrobe
*I’m in need of some low heels for interviewing
*They were 50% off at Macys


*The top bow/strap makes my feet look a bit wide, which they are not, which makes them a bit weird
*Even at 50% they are still pricey
*They do not look good with my new minty fresh toe polish


The poll is in with 2/3rds saying to return. Seems most everyone liked my nail polish color more than the shoes and once I heard “Minnie Mouse” I couldn’t stop thinking about them being part of a Disneyland costume.