Mark Hunter for No Magazine

28 Jul

I’m seeing a lot of bloggers post this photoshoot from Mark Hunter for NO Magazine and while everyone is marveling at the styling & photography, all I can see is how painfully thin the model is. I absolutely love fashion, but I find it incredibly sad and irresponsible that models are still pressured to be so thin and that we have become so desensitized to it. In one article about the model, the author marveled at her “childlike innocence”, and in many other posts women and men discuss how “perfect” she is. Yes, Bambi’s (or Stephanie’s) face is beautiful, but ignoring her illness and using her as the embodiment of perfection is shameful. As the oldest of four girls, I know first hand what the media can do to a girl’s self esteem.

This is not the example we should be setting forth…


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